_Essential Line

The Murano glass table can be colourful, contemporary and fresh without losing the legacy of tradition. Our products are differentiated by continuous research while keeping up with the times.

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_Classic Elegance

Collections that will never go out of fashion, classic without being coarse, elegant without being pretentious: sharing time with loved ones will be even more special.

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_Contemporary design

Vases made with pure colours, essential lines, fine technique. They have the ability to combine the simplicity of the object with refinement.

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_Timeless shapes

The strength of the style, which originates far back in time and is continually refined, always proves to be perfect for flowers, to embellish all environments, to be given as gifts.

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_Illuminated glass

The collections you can explore below are able to transform artificial light into a warm, natural look and feel in every room of your home.

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The handcrafted candle holders bring a romantic atmosphere to your evening, but also relaxation to the moments you dedicate to yourself. The patterns of the models refract the flame, creating unexpected and magical light effects.

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